Our Approach

The Counsel House freelance network is not a recruitment agency. We simply match the requirements of potential clients with an independent consultant who has the appropriate skills and availability.

We invite selected independent consultants to be included on our network without any mutual obligation. There is no cost to the consultant.

When an enquiry is received at The Counsel House, we:

  • Take a detailed a brief from the potential client including budgetary guidelines and if, necessary, advise the client of how a particular need can best be resolved.
  • Search our database for appropriately skilled and experienced consultants and contact each one personally to discuss the assignment and their availability to take it on.
  • Send the client a selection of consultant profiles, their daily rates and availability.
  • Make arrangements for the client to meet the consultant if required.
  • Leave terms and conditions to the client and consultant to agree between them.
  • Keep in regular touch with both client and consultant to ensure that both sides are satisfied with how the arrangement is working.
  • Bill the client monthly in arrears for 15 per cent of the consultant's fees.
  • A copy of The Counsel House Terms and Conditions are available on request.