Consultant Information

The Counsel House freelance network currently consists of around 250 independent consultants.

By joining our network, we can provide you with opportunities to work on projects which match your skills and experience without the need for you to spend time marketing yourself.

What type of consultant is on our network?

The majority of those on our network have worked in consultancies or in-house PR departments to a senior level. They may have chosen to become an independent consultant to improve the quality of their lifestyle and to work on interesting and challenging projects.

What type of assignments do we get?

Many and varied, but one of the most common client needs is cover for maternity leave which can last from four to 12 months. We have had assignments for just three days and for three days a week for 18 months.

The majority of our assignments are for senior people to work in-house for two or three days a week providing cover for a staff member; interim management for a Corporate Communications or PR Director; troubleshooting on a specific major project; or adding expertise to the team.

What is the role of The Counsel House?

There is no cost to you to be on our network. Once we receive a brief from a client, we contact all the appropriately qualified consultants to check availability and interest in the project. We provide the client with a selection of consultant profiles and arrange for you to meet. The terms and conditions of the assignment are negotiated between you and the client and, when the details are finalised, we invoice the client for 15 per cent of the value of your fee.