Client Information

Good PR people can be worth their weight in gold and replacing them when they move on, take maternity or extended sick leave, can be a difficult and costly challenge.

> You need the reassurance that their replacement will have the right experience, skills and personality to fit into your team.

> You need to feel confident that they will support your team effectively through the interim period and rise to any new challenges.

The Counsel House freelance network consists of more than 250 highly-experienced independent consultants. They are multi-skilled people who have managed teams; dealt with crises and pressure; and worked across a wide range of industry sectors.

The benefits of using The Counsel House freelance network include:

  • It is run by PR consultants who understand your needs
  • We spend the time finding the right consultant - not you
  • Flexibility - you can use the consultant for as long as you need them and in the location which suits you best
  • Cost-effective - you only pay for the time that you use the consultant
  • Competitive commission rates
  • All network members are experienced, reliable consultants with proven track records